Being a native Californian, the Pacific Ocean greatly influences my creativity. I’ve spent a great deal of time focusing on seabirds in flight, particularly their anatomy and mechanics. I’m drawn to the details of their feathers, specifically the symmetry of lines and the overall geometry one can find in a feather’s patterns. I also look to the ocean and plant life to capture motion and linear patterns. 

Because of our changing environment, Im currently attempting to capture how life is evolving. My seascapes are shot with long-exposure pan photography. My futurescapes are a result of a sense of wonder due to new discoveries in space exploration and a sense of fear due to changing weather patterns here on Earth.     

After receiving a B.A. in Art from San Diego State University, I briefly worked as a freelance photographer. Then my life took an unexpected turn - I became a standup comedienne, I performed across the country and beyond. In the ’90’s, I also appeared on television with the likes of Johnny Carson and Bob Hope. I now feel happiest behind the camera, not in front of it. 

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