Jon - part 2 (part 1 posted on 8/7/16)

jon and joey

Jon - part 2 (part 1 posted on 8/7/16): After Charlie Boo died, I was very sad. He was my friend. I felt like I had nothing. A friend told me to search Aussie + Border Collie online. Joey came up, he was all the way up in Bakersfield. He was in a pound, which is an insane asylum, and he was so calm and at peace. I felt a connection with him even though we hadn’t met. I purchased him online then drove up and got him. I’ve now had him for 6 weeks. There will never be another Charlie Boo but now there will never be another Joey Four Paws. Life goes on. I have someone to care about and he cares about me. 

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